The Benefits of a Ceramic Coating

Nowadays, more and more vehicle owners (especially buyers of new vehicles) are having their cars ceramic coated. This process comes with many benefits such as ease of maintenance, improved safety when driving in the rain, eliminates the need of waxing and many others. It's quickly becoming the number one choice of protection for cars, boats, name it!


What is a Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating is a hand-applied liquid polymer that chemically bonds to the surface of your vehicle creating a glass-like protective layer. They can be permanent or semi-permanent which means they won't break down and require a reapplication every few months such as a wax or sealant would need. Here at True Detail, we offer several different coatings options, some lasting around 24 months, 36 months, 5 years and some that have self-healing properties, meaning that the appearance of small swirls or imperfections in the coating surface will reduce when exposed to heat.

5+ year, Self Healing Coating

Let's get into some of the main benefits...


Unmatched Level of Protection

A properly installed coatings will last several years protecting your vehicle from oxidation, etchings from acidic contaminants (bird droppings/bugs), and UV damage. Ceramic coatings can also be applied to surfaces other than just the paint such as carpets, leather seats, glass and plastics. They are extremely hydrophobic. Water beads and flows right off the vehicle or coated surface, also protecting the interior from spills or clothing dyes staining the seats.


Improved Safety When Driving in the Rain

As mentioned in the previous benefit, ceramic coatings make the surface they are applied to hydrophobic, meaning it repels water. When applied to the windshield or any glass, instead of the rain sheeting and creating a layer of water to try and see through, it forms hundreds of tiny beads that get pushed off of the car by the wind while driving. It is so effective that we've been told (and experienced) that at times, windshield wipers aren't even needed!


Ease of Maintenance

With ceramic coatings making the vehicle so slick and providing that extra layer of protection, it makes maintaining them much quicker and easier. Contaminants have a harder time sticking to the paint, leaving you car cleaner for longer in between washes. When it comes time to clean them, the dust, mud, bugs, bird droppings, etc. will come off MUCH easier compared to not having any type of protection at all.

One of the main reasons our customers love ceramic coatings so much it that it eliminates the need to apply a new layer or wax or sealant every few months, NO MORE WAXING! Coatings last for years and don't break down such as traditional forms of protection would. Wax isn't necessarily dead yet, it still has its place in certain situations, but if you don't want to spend hours washing and protecting your vehicle every couple weeks but still want it to look like you just bought it after every wash, a ceramic coating is what you need!


It's Cost Effective

Let's do the math... if a typical wash and wax from a professional company costs $200 and this has to be performed quarterly, you are looking at $800 a year. Multiply that by 5 to match the durability of a 5 year ceramic coating and you're now at $4000.

For our 5+ year, self healing coating package AND a single-stage paint correction, you will be looking at one time fee of around $2000. That's HALF the price you would pay over time compared to having your vehicle waxed. The coating package also includes a glass coating, multi-layer rim coating, and the interior fabrics and leather being coated. Not to mention everything talked above such as ease of maintenance, a much higher performing protection, enhanced gloss and much more!

We also offer more cost-efficient coating packages that will result in greater savings!


Call or email us if you have any more questions about ceramic coatings or to schedule your appointment today.

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