Why do I Need to Detail a New Car?

Despite what the average person would think, a new car does not mean it's in perfect condition. In many cases, cars are delivered to customers with factory and dealership installed blemishes that need to be machine polished to remove and bring the paint's gloss and clarity to it's full potential. 

You would also think that if you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a car that it would be perfect but in many cases, high-end vehicles are in worse condition than the average car. Vehicles in this price range tend to be more handmade which can result in human error as opposed to say, a Toyota Camry where the manufacturing process includes mostly robots assembling the vehicle.

Dealerships don't train their employees on the proper techniques of washing a vehicle, use quality products or have the time to perform all the steps necessary to protect a vehicle for the long term. New vehicles come with no protection on the paint, wheels, glass, interior, etc. to keep it looking its best for years to come.

 New Car Prep Packages

New Car Prep

Small - $250; Large/Exotic - $300

Our New Car Prep package will ensure your vehicle starts out on the right track. 

During the transportation from the factory to the dealership and then sitting on the lot before sale, your vehicle will have collected abrasive contaminants, and small metal particles that embed into the surface of painted surfaces. These contaminants make your paint feel rough like sand paper, hinder the gloss and clarity, and if not treated properly, will begin to show as very small rust blooms (particularly on white vehicles). During our New Car Prep, we mechanically and chemically remove these contaminants and top off the paint with a durable sealant to protect the paint for 6-8 months. We also address the interior as necessary. 

This process takes around 4-5 hours.

Most Popular

Signature New Car Prep

Small - $1500; Large/Exotic $1750

At this level of specialized detailing and protecting, you are getting a car in a condition that no factory or dealership can provide. This is for discerning owners looking for the absolute best in their cars’ looks and protection. 

We start by giving the vehicle a through hand wash using deionized water as well as chemically and mechanically decontaminating painted surfaces removing embedded contaminants. This step is followed by machine polishing to remove factory and dealer installed blemishes such as swirls, light scratches and haze. Our polishing process brings the paint to a level of gloss and clarity that simply cannot be achieved by the factory. We then apply ceramic coatings to the paint, glass, rims and plastic trim if present for the most durable and maintenance free protection possible (without paint protection film).

On the interior of the car, all surfaces are treated accordingly depending on their materials, and carpets and floor mats will be treated with durable fabric protectants. Leather seating surfaces will be coated as necessary.

Note: In some circumstances, painted surfaces can be heavily swirled or have deep water spot etchings and may need a multi-step correction which then we will assess and quote accordingly.

This process takes around 2 days.

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