Protection is Key

Lets be honest, apart from a handful of exceptions, a car is the worst investment you can make. Knowing your vehicle is losing a large percentage of its value every year, it is vital to maintain and protect it to keep it at as high of a value as you possibly can. Ceramic coatings offer the most durable and maintenance free protection on the market and will help with just that.

Along with being a protective barrier between your paint and the environment/contaminants, they also add gloss and depth to the paint and make maintenance details much easier since dirt, bugs, etc. wont stick as quickly. No more need to wax your vehicle every 1-3 months.

Ceramic Coatings last for years (with proper maintenance) where as waxes and sealants last 4-6 months at most. With coatings, the hydrophobic properties are extremely more evident, the durability is higher, they add immense gloss and depth to the finish and are the best looking protection along with many other advantages. 

Ceramic coating your vehicle is a no-brainer.

Note: Although ceramic coatings are the best protection on the market, they are not a turn key solution. It will not make your vehicle scratch resistant, your vehicle must still be maintained, and is still susceptible to water marks and bugs/bird dropping etches if not addressed in a timely manner. To get the most out of them, they must be properly applied and maintained regularly. Please visit our Maintenance Programs page to view scheduled details options.

Coating Packages

Premium Coating Package


  • Single layer of paint coating (18 - 24 months of protection)

  • Single layer of wheel coating 

  • Glass coating

  • Plastic Trim

Signature Coating Package


  • Multi-layer of paint coating (36 months of protection)

  • Multi-layer of wheel coating 

  • Glass coating

  • Plastic Trim

Ultimate Coating Package


With this coating package specifically, we use a product called Zipang Coat by Kamikaze. The reason it is so important mentioning that is because Zipang Coat offers semi self-healing characteristics, meaning that the appearance of small swirls or imperfections in the coating surface will reduce when exposed to heat which is something you don't get with most coatings on the market. This package is for someone looking for the ultimate in coating protection, unmatched looks, hydrophobicity and ease of maintenance.

  • Multi-layer of paint coating (5 years of protection)

  • Multi-layer of wheel coating 

  • Glass coating

  • Plastic Trim

Our Ceramic Coating Packages are best paired with one of our Paint Correction and Enhancement Packages for the best results.

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